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Baía de Camamu, Bahia, Brazil October 2020

By Elena Landinez What is the encounter made of?

The encounter is made of invisible microparticles

You can find it in the soul eyes

In the embrace

In the surprise of yellow, white and blue smallness

Encounter happens in the word Love.

A being boat: Mintaka, carrying a crew of six on board. Pirates being artists, artists playing pirates or simply beings who believe in magical encounters where freedom of being is our flag.

We sail by the sea, in the bright and salty waters of Yemanjá until we reach the fresh and sweet waters of the river, Rio da Serra.

We anchored on several desert islands where boat beings arrived with human beings.

It was my first trip on the high seas sailing on a sailboat. Life at sea is movement, presence and feeling of blue immensity, deep, very deep.The forces of nature, sometimes in harmony, sometimes in complete chaos, are the mirror of life itself. Seeing the wind drawing the waves, the energy of the movement of the tide, the balance of fresh and salty waters, is living poetry.

Sailing aboard Mintaka is a unique experience of total freedom. It is a dive through the waters, internal and external of each island. Each dive seemed that was the last one, and it was, and was unique.

It felt like we were in a dream within a dream. In this dream we sailed Captain Broki: boat captain, cosmic DJ and couturier, Captain Arraia: Pirate of love, musician and magician of encounters; Águaviva Cósmica: musician, composer and artist of other galaxies; Jaya Cósmica: witch of stories and magical illustrator, Bru The cooker: magician of living foods and medicines for the soul; and me, Elena: artist of dance and living drawings. All creating, believing and living this heterotypic idea of a community at the sea: Pirates of love.

"The sea is the only place on earth where you cannot build walls". Pirates of Love


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