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Respiração no jardim
Escutando o Invisível
Sonhos de aquarela
Céu de noite escura
Noite de Jardim
Noite de jardim II


"What, after all, do you dance for?
We dance so that hearts unite.
Oh it's hard, isn't it? In any case, that's what we dance for.”
Kazuo Ohno

This body of mine is heavy matter, it has needs and obsessions.
But he's a passenger, he doesn't belong to me.
I am here in transit in an invisible time.


1.   Appears and disappears. To dance the absence of the visible through my sensitive, through listening, through the simplicity of just being dancing. I look for the ephemeral in dance, something that changes, that becomes another, that can be a shadow but can be an animal, that has a paper skin and lives in the sea. The dream. The pleasure. The innocence of someone who dances for the first time and lets the movement flow. The lightness to bring the invisibility of spirits, friendship with the shadow, dancing with it through
from the perspective of other subjects.


2. I draw the dance, the dance draws me. Drawing as a dance. The act of drawing as an extension of movement. A drawing that has nothing to do with technique or virtuosity, but as an impression of the body, an act of listening, a ritual dialoguing with my interior, a record of my own body interacting with its surroundings. Dive into drawing as an expression and as another possibility for dance and writing. I am interested in drawing as memory, a written witness of the movements collected, in time and space.

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